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De neamul moldovenilor
Cronicile bătrîne deapănă o legendă, precum că la o mănăstioară, drept Cetatea Albă, s-a aflat o pisanie în care se arată că Domnitorul Ţării...
Tighina fortress
At the end of XV century Stephan the Great built in Tighina a small fortification to prevent the locality from Tatars’ penetration.
Collector Peotr Kostin

For more than forty years he has been everything that of interest of him. In his collections there are more than 1000 of axes, spears, arrows’ tip, and horse harness objects.

We were and we are Orthodox christians

At the foundation of Moldovan Country in 1359 its population were orthodox...

Rezervaţia Pădurea Domnească – o perlă a plaiului nostru
Rezervaţia “Pădurea Domnească”, cu o suprafaţă de 6032 hectare, a fost fondată în anul 1993 şi are menirea de a proteja una dintre cele mai bătrîne păduri din lunca Prutului. Administrator al acestui spaţiu unic, amplasat în zona localităţilor Cobani,...
Rezervaţia de Stat Plaiul Fagului
Una dintre Rezervaţiile de Stat, în care s-au păstrat ecosisteme naturale mai puţin influenţate de activitatea umană, este „Plaiul...
Svetlana Toma – 60th birthday anniversary
She debuted with the role of Ioana, the daughter of the shepherd Iluta from the Moldovan movie “Red Glades”. His performance was immediately observed and producer...
Meditations about modern sculpture
Recently, the author of more monuments which make our country nicer, sculptor Tudor Cataraga, was awarded the National prize of the Culture ministry for the work, Definition of...
Their life – the theatre
It is about the famous actors Paulina Zavtoni (she has been playing on the stage of the Luceafarul Theatre for more than 40 years
Eugen Doga
Transcriind gîndurile maestrului înregistrate la reportofon, am avut senzaţia că trăiesc viaţa acestui artist ca pe un film, ca pe o dramă cu un final fericit.
De la Eminescu stropi de lumină...
Marcarea în plan universal, în 1989, a unui secol de la trecerea în eternitate a lui Mihai Eminescu a impulsionat activitatea multor artişti plastici,...
“Catharsis” between guitar and verse
For ten years of their activity performers Ion Ratsa and Mihai Budurin from “Catharsis” managed to release 4 albums and to give concerts in the majority of localities of Moldova.
Ion Drutsa
Ion Drutsa is one of the most remarcable writers of the XX century. Even in his first narratives, published in fifties, he displayed his talent of researching popular wisdom and his nation’s history.
Painting icons is a sacred service
Celibate priest Petru Pruteanu is Doctor of Theology and dean of the Theology Faculty of Edinets.
In dizzy whirlwind of „Shatritsa”
Which of us does not feel fascinated, hearing a languishing Gipsy romance? Who can resist the temptation of joining their dizzy fiery dance?
“Talancutsa” Academy

Is an ethno folk group within the limits of the Musicians’ Union of Moldova, where it has been acting for more than twenty five years under the direction of the most experienced experts on...

Mihai Munteanu
Moldavian soviet opera singer (lyric-dramatic tenor) and teacher Mihai Munteanu was born in 1943 in the village of Cricovo (Bricheni region).
The Diva of Moldovan pop music

I saw Nelly Chiobany for the first time at the age of 19. She was on stage with the group „Master Dinamit”. Her voice, till its last inflexion, representing a...

Aureliu Busuioc – 80

A notorious person of Moldovan literature, poet, dramatist, and prose writer Aureliu Busuioc proved himself as an elite creator. In the sixties he published his famous novel...

Hincu monastery

Was founded 330 years ago by Mihalchea Hincu. Initially the cell was called Vladica and was occupied by conventuals.

Unresigned with the world and with himself

Beginning with his first films Valeriu Jereghi tried and many times managed to bring to the screen a certain picturesqueness and lyricism.

Talent must win

Valeria Duca belongs to those young artists who treasure the creation, as well as the outcome.

Public Library Tirgovishe on the service of the community

Public Library Tirgovishte was founded in 1995 on the basis of a contract of collaboration between the city administrations of Kishinev and of the town Tirgovishte.

As if he wrote with the voice of Eminescu

Valeriu Cupchea was born in a family of intellectuals, his father was an agronomist-engineer, and his mother was a biology teacher, later – the head mistress of Kishinev school...

Alexei Marinat – 85

One of the most representative prose writers and dramatisits of the post-war period, the author of the novels „Face to the battle”...

Alexei Colibneac

Is one of the most gifted and productive painters of our counrty, Honoured Master of Arts, academician (since 2003)...

Andrei Mudrea

At this personal exhibition, exposed for the 55th anniversary, the artist presents the works with a prominent artistico-philosophical message...

George Malarchiuc – 75

When I got aquainted with him, he was already a very influential person, but, at the same time, independent, relative to the local authorities...

Colonel Gligor
The surgeon Vladimir Gligor a famous specialist in the country and far away of its borders. At a congress of Russian surgeons in summer 2005
Golden generation of the Moldovan rugby
The rugby in Moldova has been practiced since 1992, when was created the Moldovan Rugby Federation (FMR).
Liudmila Cristea hopes to receive Olympic medal
According to specialists in the domain, from 30 sportsmen that will go the Olympic Games in Beijing the real chances to obtain medal at the Olympic Games has wrestler Liudmila Cristea.
The cycle racing cup of the president of Moldova
Recently in Moldova took place the fifth plays for the Cup of the president of Moldova in cycle racing. This time the trophy was contested by a record number of participants – more than 200 sportsmen...
A happy person

Nicolai Morari is the deputy of the first democratic parliament of Moldova, for 29 years already he has been at the head of the farm “Roshiori-Lux” that has the area...

Veacheslav Gojan, ace of the ring

Veacheslav Gojan received the permission to go to Beijing within the limits of the qualification tournament that took place in Italian locality Pescara.

Holiday, born in a myth

The seventh edition of the National Wine Holiday, which took place in the middle of the current month at the National Meeting Place, made an inportant contribution to promoting the...

Hope for Vancouver

Young sportsman from Smolensk Natalia Levchencova won silver medal within the limits of the European Championship in 1997 and bronze at the World Championship at the same year.

Moldovan pigeon breeders

The head of Kishinev’s pigeon breeders’ society, Volodea Poleacov, devoted his life to the keeping and improving of old Bessarabian breeds.

Mayor Mikhail Gnatiuk

Mayor by vocation Mikhail Gnatiuk is at the head of the town Bricheni for second year already.

Moldovan mamaliga becomes famous all over the world

We have already told our readers about the company “Airport “Catering”, its staff and chief Elena Chiobanu.

The little prince of Moldovan stage

Shtefan Roshkovan is the pupil of the IV grade of „Mirchea Eliade” liceum. He made his debut at the age of just three years.

The academy of boxing of Petru Caduc

For ages Kishinev has been the epicentre of our home boxing. Here there were educated many national champions.

Ten years of performance for „Orfeu”

The Greec republic is a modern country but with millennial traditions, and the community of Moldovans in Greece „Orfeu” is a voluntary and gainless association that has...

Infinity through the tradition

The group „The heirs” from the TL „M. Sadoveanu” from Kishinev under the direction of the master in arts Valeriu Chiper celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Princess Diana… from Kishinev

The student of “Ion Creanga” lyceum from Kishinev Diana Curmei wan the XIXth edition of the contest „Miss Italia nel Mondo 2009”

The hopes for the Olympic Games 2012

The national school of Taekwondo WTF began its ascention six years ago, when Vladislav Mazur...

Ilie Teleshku – 60

This very age would have had the good journalist and the president of the company „Teleradio-Moldova” at the beginning of summer...

Dreams with horses

For ten years Constantin Kelesh has been the member of the Association of trotting horses’ growers “Prietenia”...

Mihai Dron
Mihai Dron from the village Gura Galbenei, Chimishlia region, has been making violins since he was 12...
Revitalizarea Academiei de Ştiinţe – o şansă pentru viitorul ţării
Interviu acordat revistei „Moldova” de Preşedintele AŞM, Dl Gheorghe DUCA
Unicităţi arheologice
Strămoşii noştri – dacii liberi
Centrul „Tehmed”: rezultatele sînt pe faţă
Popas în timp
Academia de Ştiinţe a Moldovei este un continuator fidel al celor mai frumoase tradiţii ştiinţifice şi culturale, generate şi statornicite la noi pe parcursul...
Matematica şi informatica: probleme actuale
Progresul tehnico-ştiinţific din ultimii 60 ani se caracterizează prin automatizarea proceselor de producţie, aplicarea metodelor matematice în studiul mediului ambiant şi al proceselor economice şi sociale, elaborarea tehnicilor contemporane de calcul, crearea metodelor efeciente de...
Succese noi într-un domeniu nou
Deşi termenul “nanotehnologii” a fost propus încă în anul 1974 de profesorul Norio Taniguchi de la Universitatea de Ştiinţe din Tokyo pentru a descrie...
Solurile strigă spre noi
Pămîntul, istoria si limba sînt trei piloni pe care se ţine o naţiune.
Ion Druţă, academician
Relaţii ştiinţifice internaţionale
Pe parcursul anilor 1990-2005 A.Ş.M. a creat cadrul legal de menţinere, aprofundare şi extindere a relaţiilor de cooperare ştiinţifică internaţională.
Chimia salvează mediul ambiant
Astăzi, problemele ecologice sînt dominante în plan global şi naţional. Dezechilibrul ecologic care s-a creat în natură implică mari schimbări cu...
La Institutul de Fiziologie şi Sanocreatologie al AŞM, sub conducerea academicianului Teodor Furdui, a fost creată o nouă direcţie ştiinţifică în biomedicină...
Avem ce spune şi demonstra
Începînd cu anul 2005 direcţia strategică de cercetare a secţiei noastre este „Edificarea statului de drept şi punerea în valoare a patrimoniului cultural şi istoric al Moldovei în contextul integrării europene”. În cadrul acesteia, fiecare din cele...
Stefan Topala
PhD, professor, creator of the high quality an resistant genome to vine philloxera.
Academician Boris Gaina
We don’t need to go to Paris or to Vienna to meet a scientist of European kind. He is here in Kishinev, he is a celebrity in the domain of oenology, recognized nationally and internationally, his...
Eugeniu Grebenicov

His doctoral and habilitat thesis were dedicated to celestial mechanics.

The homage to the scientist Ion Dediu

The scientist Ion Dediu is the correspondent member of Moldovan Science Academy...

Iurie Boreico, băiatul de aur al matematicii moldoveneşti
Există în şcolile noastre o categorie aparte de elevi. Altfel decît cei obişnuiţi. Ei fac parte din „casta” specială a olimpicilor internaţionali,...
Tatiana Tverdohleb
Tatiana Tverdohleb has been at the head of DGETS of Kishinev since 2006. She is equally persistent and dynamic, well-informed as a history teacher, and as the chief of the greatest educational...
An apologet of spiritual identity

The holder of master’s degree in the domain of phylosophy Nicolae Bujor is also the promoter and the animator of the Morally-Spiritual Educational Conception „Arta a...

Ana Nimerenco

In the course of five years that she has been at the head of boarding school from Popeasca, Shtefan Voda

Mikhail Dolgan – 70

For more than forty years of activity academician and literary critic Mikhail Dolgan published more than 50 volumes in the domain of literary criticism – reviews, articles,...

Economy and Business
Apricot maker

The collective of the nursery from Lalova village, Rezina region, containing some dozens of enthusiasts, disposes of a good economy...

At first was the hope

For two years already the vegetable-growers from Jevreni, Criuleni region, have been successfully collaborating with the young specialists of the Kishinev company “Agrofit...

Oraşul cu fire de artist
Oraşele sînt ca şi oamenii. Ele au firea lor, faţa lor pe care n-o poţi confunda cu a altei urbe, moştenesc din generaţie în generaţie anumite...
Poarta ce poartă noroc
Cine n-a fost de multă vreme la Ungheni, şi intră astăzi în acest orăşel, a cărui denumire provine, pe semne, de la o localitate de unghi sau ungher, n-o...
To think, to search, to work
Recently deputy editor-in-chief Victor Voscoboinic had a conversation with the General Manager of the State enterprise “Moldova’s railroad” Miron Gagauz.
Foreign Relations
Days of Francophonie – a decade of openness

The Days of Francophonie are conducted in Moldova the tenth year in a row. Moldova’s accession to the Francophonie represents the country’s openness and multiple possibilities to...

State Symbols of the Republic of Moldova
Bourul voievodal şi acvila din Stemă

Toţi ne aliniem, cu anumite ocazii, la Drapelul ţării, la Tricolorul cu Stema Republicii Moldova. Nu toţi însă cunosc cine este autorul acestora şi...

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