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Transnistrian special services did their utmost not to allow Transnistrians to consecration of church in Corjova

A decision by the Transnistrian authorities to prohibit not only the Moldovan president and Metropolitan of Moldova, but also residents of the Transnistrian region to participate in the blessing of a church in Corjova was a gesture directed not against Vladimir Voronin, as it was intended to, but against the parishioners and the Christianity in general.

This is the opinion of residents of the Corjova village, Dubasari district, who participated in Monday in a ceremony of consecration of the church Assumption of the Virgin from this settlement which is situated on the left bank of Dniestre, but is under Moldova's jurisdiction.

The head of the Dubasari district, Grigore Policinschi, told a yesterday's news conference, held in Cosnita, that parishioners not only from Corjova, but also from other settlements of the region, who came to the ceremony of consecrating the church, were perplexed and revolted by the decision of the breakaway Transnistrian authorities to deny the access of the president and Most Right Reverend Vladimir to the ceremony.

At the same news conference, the mayor of the Corjova village, Valeriu Mitul, said that the region s power wielding bodies started monitoring those who were entering and leaving the region three days ago. They were registering each car, and on the day when the church was consecrated, the holy building was cordoned off by tens of militiamen. All the entries into the settlement were closed, and even the access to water was blocked, the mayor said.

During the news conference, the archpriest of the Assumption of the Virgin church, Oleg Cernat, said that Tiraspol's gesture maybe was intended to be a political one, directed against Voronin, but the believers from the region interpreted this decision as a step against Christianity.

The priest said that, since the beginning of the Transnistrian conflict, the Tiraspol authorities have constructed no church or at least restored any one. On these grounds, they cannot accept Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin as founder of churches on the left bank of Dniestre. The priest added that the fact that the region's residents support Moldova's constitutional authorities is inadmissible for the breakaway leaders.

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