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Final results of Moldovan parliamentary election announced 

The Moldovan Central Election Commission (CEC) has received and analyzed all ballot papers which were presented in original by the local electoral councils and those from the polling stations opened abroad.

According to the received data, the Central Election Commission announces the following results:

Social Democratic Party -3.70 per cent;

Liberal Party -13.14 per cent;

Our Moldova Alliance Party - 9.77 per cent;

Christian Democratic Popular Party - 3.03 per cent;

Party of Communists - 49.48 per cent;

Liberal Democratic Party - 12.43 per cent;

Democratic Party - 2.97 per cent;

Moldovan Centrist Union -2.97 per cent;

European Action Movement - 1.01 per cent;

Moldova United Spiritual Development Party - 0.22 per cent;

Conservative Party - 0.29 per cent

Banaru Sergiu, independent candidate - 0.57 per cent;

Uritu Stefan, independent candidate - 0.18 per cent;

Railean Victor, independent candidate - 0.04 per cent;

Moldovan Republican Party - 0.09 per cent;

Timbalist Tatiana, independent candidate - 0.16 per cent;

Lomakin Alexandr, independent candidate - 0.17 per cent;

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