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CEC reports ultimate results following recounting of votes expressed at parliamentary elections on 5 April

The central Electoral Commission (CEC) has reported the ultimate results after recounting the votes expressed at the parliamentary elections on 5 April.

CEC Secretary Iurie Ciocan mentioned within the sitting on 21 April that in line with the ultimate results the Moldovan communist Party (PCRM) harvested 49,48% (760, 551 votes), by 412 votes more than according to the results previously reported.

The Liberal Party (PL) got 13.13 % votes (201, 879 votes), by 67 votes more, the Moldovan Democratic liberal Party (PLDM) obtained 12.43% (191, 113 votes), by 181 votes more, Our Moldova Alliance (AMN) got 9.77 % (150, 155 votes), by 45 votes more than according to the previous results.

According to the results, following the recounting of votes, the number of the MP mandates in the Moldovan Parliament of 17th Legislature distributed to the election runners is: PCRM got 60 mandates in the Parliament, PL and PLDM per 15 mandates and AMN got 11 mandates.

The CEC is to submit the necessary documents to the constitutional Court which will decide the validation of the election results and the MPs in the Parliament.

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